Artist Gets The Upper Hand Against Fast-food Giant Chik-fil-A – With Kale

By Dan Lavie / February 1, 2015

Who knew that kale could trigger legal action? It all started way back in 2000. Bo Muller-Moore is an artist located in Montpelier, Vermont. One of his farmer friend (who grows the leafy vegetable aka as kale known for its nutritional value) asked him to make three T-shirts for his family for $10 each. He did and the “eat more kale” caught on. With approval of the farmer friend, Muller-Moore began putting it on clothing and bumper stickers. He has been using the phrase ever…

Vermont Prison Inmate Inserts Pig on Vermont Police Car Decals

By Dan Lavie / February 21, 2012

Vermont State Police cars feature 16-inch decals consisting of the state police crest. The official crest depicts a spotted cow against a background of snowy mountains. However, the latest batch of decals depicts something different. A Vermont state trooper discovered that one of the spots on a cow contains an image of a pig. The recalls were produced by a Vermont correctional unit‘s print shop. The State of Vermont uses correctional facilities for some of its print products, including the…

U.S. Senate panel to hold hearing on Vermont Branding

By Dan Lavie / March 7, 2011

Vermont has been marketing itself as “the beckoning country.” The Vermont Brand promotes maple trees, high-quality food products, and an enviable way of life with clean air, trout streams, and unspoiled forests. Made In Vermont stands for quality of goods and foods – from Maple syrup to cheddar cheese. Protecting Vermont Brand has long been a top priority for Vermont’s state officials.Other (out of state) companies try to leverage the Vermont Brand; McDonald’s restaurants promoted maple flavored oatmeal much to…