Gen Z Yellow and Why New Color Trends are Important for Brands

By Debra Dejong / November 6, 2018

Colors are an important part of any brand identity; that’s why harnessing the power of color is crucial. That being said, it leaves us with the question: Which color trends are important for brands to attract the attention in a world in which content and visuals are king and queen? And how to translate these in your rebranding campaign? Let’s have a look at a textbook example of a company that knows how to handle its visual rebranding – the…

Branding Santa – A Hilarious Marketing Lesson from UK Agency Quietroom

By Dan Lavie / December 20, 2013

Santa Claus has been a household name for centuries, featuring on greeting cards and product packaging, and appearing in ads, movies and TV shows. So what if Santa decided to (re)brand himself like any other enterprise? The creative minds at Quietroom, a UK branding agency, made a presentation that explains in detail what the new *Santa* brand is all about. But apart from being a wonderful spoof, it also teaches us all the elements of today’s branding policy. It’s especially…

The rebranding of President Bling-Bling aka N. Sarkozy

By Dan Lavie / March 19, 2008

Nicolas Sarkozy was elected based on the conception that he was different from his predecessors. During his campaign, he built his brand as the simple guy (an immigrant’s son without a patrician elite education) who would change things around (an overhaul of the welfare state which he sees as financially unsustainable, unfair and discourages work).But on Sunday, March 16, the French voters sent a clear message that they were not impressed with M. le President. Sarkozy’s UMP party lost local-government…