The three Pilars of Brand Confidence

By Debra Dejong / September 5, 2018

Just think of the long lines of fans waiting until they could get the latest iPhoneor Harry Potter novel they crave. It tells you that consumers do a lot (and fork out a lot of money) to get the brand article they want. It’s what marketers call “brand love”. Every company wants to have a brand that customers not only like, but also love. In marketing terms, brand love is based on three pillars, which are: relevance, trust and identification.…

Branding Santa – A Hilarious Marketing Lesson from UK Agency Quietroom

By Dan Lavie / December 20, 2013

Santa Claus has been a household name for centuries, featuring on greeting cards and product packaging, and appearing in ads, movies and TV shows. So what if Santa decided to (re)brand himself like any other enterprise? The creative minds at Quietroom, a UK branding agency, made a presentation that explains in detail what the new *Santa* brand is all about. But apart from being a wonderful spoof, it also teaches us all the elements of today’s branding policy. It’s especially…