Ben & Jerry’s Strikes Again – This Time with Anti-Trump Ice Cream

By Debra Dejong / November 10, 2018

Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s has added a new flavor – the “PeCan Resist”. The company (part of Unilever) is the first to admit that it is an anti-Trump ice cream. This kind of statement fits the brand. The name “PeCan Resist” is a clever wordplay merging the word “pecan” (the nut that is part of other ice cream flavors) with “We Can Resist”, the social movement. By supporting the “We Can Resist” movement, the ice cream maker support…

The Three Key Elements to Build Brand Love

By Debra Dejong / October 6, 2018

Just think of the long lines of fans waiting until they could get the latest iPhoneor Harry Potter novel they crave. It tells you that consumers do a lot (and fork out a lot of money) to get the brand article they want. It’s what marketers call “brand love”. Every company wants to have a brand that customers not only like, but also love. In marketing terms, brand love is based on three pillars, which are: relevance, trust and identification. …

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By Debra Dejong / April 26, 2018

What Companies Can Learn From Museums When It Comes To Branding

By Dan Lavie / November 18, 2017

If we look at brands, museums don’t immediately come to mind. More the pity, since museums have strong and valued brands. That’s why companies can learn a lot from their brand success. When we compare the brands of companies with those of museums, we see that the latter have a better reputation. Professor Cees Van Riel of the Erasmus University Rotterdam conducted extensive brand and reputation research in ten countries. Not surprisingly, the Louvre in Paris, France has the best…

How Hagelswag Used Clever Marketing Tricks to Get Funding

By Dan Lavie / October 10, 2017

It started with two young entrepreneurs (Lennart de Jong and Robbert Vos) who decided to introduce an artisan form of the Dutch favorite bread topping “hagelslag” to the world. In contrast to North America, where chocolate sprinkles are primarily reserved for ice-cream and cakes, Dutch people of all ages put chocolate sprinkles on their buttered bread at breakfast. The annual consumption of hagelslag in the Netherlands is estimated at 14 million kilos a year.  With their advertising background, the dynamic…

5 Reasons Why You Need a Marketing/Martech Writer

By Dan Lavie / September 28, 2017

You are a high-tech company and you want to tell the world how amazing you are. So what do you need? A marketing (aka martech) writer! To make your mark in the world, you want your target audience to know how amazing you are. This means making your mark in the digital space, being it online articles, newsletters, or social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the like. At the core of all media, both online and offline, is…

Seven Tips to Avoid Pitfalls in Your Social Media Strategy

By Dan Lavie / July 22, 2017

Social media is one of the strongest tools in the marketing arsenal. But if it goes wrong, the fallout can be disastrous. A faux pas can trigger a social media storm that is impossible to control, as United Airlines found out the hard way. What are the major pitfalls that you should avoid to keep your social media fans happy? Tip #1: Go for better, not more content Quite a lot of companies believe in „the more, the better“. Wrong!…

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By Dan Lavie / July 12, 2017

How Useful Are Emojis For German Marketing?

By Dan Lavie / June 17, 2017

Using emojis for marketing is not new. But how effective are these small pictographs? Do they get the marketing message across or are they just annoying? A recent study explored the impact of emojis. The study was conducted by Melanie Bender and Roman Schmank of the Rheinische Fachhochschule Cologne as part of their Master’s degree in Business Psychology. They explored the question of the impact of emojis on buying behavior in the DACH countries. More specifically, the study addresses the…

The Startup That “kills” Stuttering Permanently

By Dan Lavie / May 12, 2017

For us who don’t stutter, we cannot even phantom what how stuttering can impact a person’s life (and environment).  Let’s first look at what stuttering (alalia syllabaris) is. The National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) defines stuttering as “a speech disorder characterized by repetition of sounds, syllables, or words; prolongation of sounds; and interruptions in speech known as blocks.” There are two types of stuttering: developmental and neurogenic stuttering. The latter can occur after a stroke, head…