The Secret Sauce for Working from Home Successfully

By Dan Lavie / November 30, 2014

No matter if you are a freelancer or a remote worker – there are some steps you have to take to be productive! 1. Be Connected You need a computer (desktop and/or laptop) with a fast Internet connection. You also need a smartphone to be able to receive and sent text messages and to get alerts. Make sure you have a professional background when you are skyping. (Hint: a bookcase is always appropriate) 2. Create a Pleasant Environment Make sure…

Ten Tips for Freelancers and SMEs/SMBs

By Dan Lavie / March 24, 2012

1. Avoid being on the Road (too much) As we all know, we spent too much time on the road. All these hours cannot be billed. Try to communicate as much as possible by email, phone and Skype. Try to schedule meetings in the same region on the same day. Check out the best way to travel: car, public transport or (my favorite) a combination. It’s best to schedule meetings outside of rush hour. It saves both of you time.…

Business Plan for Freelancers and small business owners

By Dan Lavie / January 17, 2011

A business plan helps you to formulate your goals, outline expected costs and expenses, identify marketing opportunities, and formulate an exit strategy. It helps to measure your business success. If you start your own business from home, or are a freelancer, it will help you to keep focused. Needless to say, the business plan must be short and to the point. What should be included in such a business plan? Executive summaryThe executive summary describes in one page what your…