The three Pilars of Brand Confidence

By Debra Dejong / September 5, 2018

Just think of the long lines of fans waiting until they could get the latest iPhoneor Harry Potter novel they crave. It tells you that consumers do a lot (and fork out a lot of money) to get the brand article they want. It’s what marketers call “brand love”. Every company wants to have a brand that customers not only like, but also love. In marketing terms, brand love is based on three pillars, which are: relevance, trust and identification.…

What Companies Can Learn From Museums When It Comes To Branding

By Dan Lavie / November 18, 2017

If we look at brands, museums don’t immediately come to mind. More the pity, since museums have strong and valued brands. That’s why companies can learn a lot from their brand success. When we compare the brands of companies with those of museums, we see that the latter have a better reputation. Professor Cees Van Riel of the Erasmus University Rotterdam conducted extensive brand and reputation research in ten countries. Not surprisingly, the Louvre in Paris, France has the best…

The Latest Trends in Blogging

By Dan Lavie / October 30, 2017

Orbit Media conduct annual research about blogging. Every year, they interview 1,000 bloggers about their blogging habits. The answers indicate the current status, content, marketing and trends regarding blogging. Like all marketing tools, blogs have been evolving. Following is an overview of the latest blog trends. Bloggers invest more time in writing their blogs. In 2014, it took a blogger up to 2.5 hours to write a blog post. Nowadays, bloggers invest more than 3.25 hours to write it. Blogging…

How Hagelswag Used Clever Marketing Tricks to Get Funding

By Dan Lavie / October 10, 2017

It started with two young entrepreneurs (Lennart de Jong and Robbert Vos) who decided to introduce an artisan form of the Dutch favorite bread topping “hagelslag” to the world. In contrast to North America, where chocolate sprinkles are primarily reserved for ice-cream and cakes, Dutch people of all ages put chocolate sprinkles on their buttered bread at breakfast. The annual consumption of hagelslag in the Netherlands is estimated at 14 million kilos a year.  With their advertising background, the dynamic…

5 Reasons Why You Need a Marketing/Martech Writer

By Dan Lavie / September 28, 2017

You are a high-tech company and you want to tell the world how amazing you are. So what do you need? A marketing (aka martech) writer! To make your mark in the world, you want your target audience to know how amazing you are. This means making your mark in the digital space, being it online articles, newsletters, or social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the like. At the core of all media, both online and offline, is…

Let Tip Top PR Put Some Summer Magic In Your Marketing

By Dan Lavie / July 12, 2017

Happy Passover

By Dan Lavie / April 10, 2017

Check Out The Latest Tip Top PR Promo

By Dan Lavie / March 3, 2017

Funny Promo of Tip Top PR

By Dan Lavie / February 27, 2017

The Secret Sauce to Make Websites Visual and Auditory Accessible (Spoiler: It’s Required by Law)

By Dan Lavie / September 17, 2016

Let me start by saying that the techniques that make webpages accessible to the visual and auditory impaired, also help the general population (like the baby boomers that need reading glasses!). Let’s start with the visual impaired. Not all of them use speech to access websites, sorry! Since the majority will have some level of sight, they want to opt for screen magnification or rely on features that enhance the visibility of websites. For website designers and builders, colors and layout…