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By Debra Dejong / April 26, 2018

5 Reasons Why You Need a Marketing/Martech Writer

By Dan Lavie / September 28, 2017

You are a high-tech company and you want to tell the world how amazing you are. So what do you need? A marketing (aka martech) writer! To make your mark in the world, you want your target audience to know how amazing you are. This means making your mark in the digital space, being it online articles, newsletters, or social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the like. At the core of all media, both online and offline, is…

Consumers Don’t Care About Brands – Marketers and Content Writers, Take Notice!

By Dan Lavie / February 12, 2017

A recent study by Meaningful Brands of the Havas Group came to a devastating conclusion: 74 percent of all brands worldwide are redundant and 60 percent of the brands produce content that is irrelevant. When interviewed, 93 percent of European consumers stated that they don’t care about brands at all. There are brands that are strong. In Germany, local brand Ratiopharm is the top brand. (The company is currently part of Teva) Worldwide, the strongest brands are: 1. Google 2.…

Let Your Content Talk

By Dan Lavie / November 29, 2015

Without any doubt – content is king. To get your message across, your content needs to be focused on the target audience. To find out what your customers want, you need to map the customer journey. Once you know why, how and when your target audience makes decisions, you can develop the content that appeals to them. This is crucial for branding, the cornerstone of your business success. Customers choose you over your competitors based on brand confidence (they know…

Google’s Three Types of Content Creators – Cool Tips & Tricks

By Dan Lavie / August 31, 2015

Google gives us some need tips and tricks how we can tell a good story that engages our target audience. It all depends on the type of content creator. Google distinguishes three types: The Campaigner who is focusing on content optimized for online distribution The Collaborator who loves to cooperate with vlogger, especially in the beauty, fashion and culinary field   The Channeler, who operates according to the always-on principle, and provides a serial story line   Let’s have a look how…