The three Pilars of Brand Confidence

By Debra Dejong / September 5, 2018

Just think of the long lines of fans waiting until they could get the latest iPhoneor Harry Potter novel they crave. It tells you that consumers do a lot (and fork out a lot of money) to get the brand article they want. It’s what marketers call “brand love”. Every company wants to have a brand that customers not only like, but also love. In marketing terms, brand love is based on three pillars, which are: relevance, trust and identification.…

Is your brand a masterbrand, an umbrella brand, a powerbrand, or a superbrand?

By Dan Lavie / July 19, 2012

Nothing is simple when it comes to branding. Let’s have a look at the different brands an try to make some order. Let’s start with a masterbrand, aka an umbrella brand. Masterbrands are corporate brands that have a number of sub-brands underneath. For example, British Airways is a masterbrand, with its Concorde, First Class, Club World, Club Europe, and Skyflyers as sub-brands. Other examples of strong masterbrands are Coca-Cola, Unilever, and Virgin, that all have a slew of sub-brands. A…