Is BMW Turning From A Car Into An App?

By Dan Lavie / April 22, 2017

Car manufacturers are replacing engineers and motor manufacturers with IT specialists and brand builders. BMW for one sees its future in the digital domain, seeing at as a way to increase its customer base of 30 million to 100 million. This marks a shift from being a manufacturer to a service provider. It puts the auto maker in competition with companies such as Google. Just consider that your expensive car is standing idle most of the time. A program like…

Why some companies engage in unethical behavior in competitive markets

By Dan Lavie / April 2, 2016

The Rotterdam School of Management and the School of Law of the Erasmus University conducted an interesting research about business ethics. The conclusion? Managers believe that their companies are willing to tolerate unethical decisions when faced with fierce competition. The research consisted of an experiment where participants were divided into two groups. The first group was told that they are managers of an insurance company active in a stable market, the second group was told that their insurance company is…

How to Choose Your Chinese Company or Brand Name

By Dan Lavie / May 3, 2014

Once you decide to enter the Chinese market as a western company or brand, you need to think of a Chinese name. Localizing your company or brand name is complicated. You need a Chinese name as soon as you start selling on e-commerce sites and start using local social media. You also want to use WOM to promote your brand. It involves in-depth knowledge of the local language and culture, sensitivity towards local customer attitudes and willingness to adapt the…