Everything You Need to Know about App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing mobile apps to get higher ranking in app stores. ASO aims to have more users find the app and buy it. To entice customers to download an app, it must be inviting. There are 10 aspects you need to consider:

1. App name The format and name of your app are crucial. So make sure that your app name should be short and to the point. A short brand name does the trick as does a slogan or tagline. Make sure to use URL friendly characters in the title and avoid special characters for trademark or copyright. Use 23 characters or less for optimal impact.

2. App subtitle

Since the introduction of iOS 11, you can add an app subtitle limited to 30 characters. Make sure to include relevant keywords.

3. Short app description
The short description can only contain up to 100 characters. This is the short description that potential buyers will read.

4. Full app description

The full app description explains the functions and features. It can also contain prizes, awards, testimonials and recommendations. Although the maximum is 4,000 characters, it’s best to keep it short and to the point. The use of bullet and links might help to get the message across.

5. App icon
An appealing icon can increase downloads. Keep it easy and appealing, and avoid adding text to the icon. To make it memorable, make sure that it always looks good even when it is downsized to fit the requirements of app stores.

6. App keywords selection Keywords are crucial to reach your target audience. Make sure to only choose keywords that are relevant to you app.

7. App keyword Optimization
iOS offers metadata for keywords, so make sure that your own metadata meet your keywords. For optimal impact, use all available 100 characters and divide each keyword with a comma. Please note that Google Play does not allow metadata for keywords.

8. App first impression
On average, 60 percent does not swipe past the first two screenshots, so make sure that your first three screenshots (out of six available) have impact.

9. App conversion rate (CR)
Some term to understand:

· Impressions are the amount of times that the app is shown in the app store.

· Product page views are the amount of app page visits in the app in de app store.

· App units are the amount of app.

There are two conversion ratios to consider:

a) Page shown – CR = (product page shown / impressions) x 100%

b) Download – CR = (app units / product page views) x 100%

These two conversion rates will help you to track success.

10. App updates

Make sure to update your app at least once a week/month. Make sure to send out push notifications to alert users.

Do you have additional tips? Please let me know!