Everything You Need to Know about App Store Optimization

By Debra Dejong / November 30, 2018

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing mobile apps to get higher ranking in app stores. ASO aims to have more users find the app and buy it. To entice customers to download an app, it must be inviting. There are 10 aspects you need to consider: 1. App name The format and name of your app are crucial. So make sure that your app name should be short and to the point. A short brand name does…

Tip Top PR Wishes You Happy Thanksgiving

By Debra Dejong / November 22, 2018

Tip Top PR Wishes Youa and Your Family Happy Thanksgiving!

By Debra Dejong / November 21, 2018

Ben & Jerry’s Strikes Again – This Time with Anti-Trump Ice Cream

By Debra Dejong / November 10, 2018

Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s has added a new flavor – the “PeCan Resist”. The company (part of Unilever) is the first to admit that it is an anti-Trump ice cream. This kind of statement fits the brand. The name “PeCan Resist” is a clever wordplay merging the word “pecan” (the nut that is part of other ice cream flavors) with “We Can Resist”, the social movement. By supporting the “We Can Resist” movement, the ice cream maker support…

Gen Z Yellow and Why New Color Trends are Important for Brands

By Debra Dejong / November 6, 2018

Colors are an important part of any brand identity; that’s why harnessing the power of color is crucial. That being said, it leaves us with the question: Which color trends are important for brands to attract the attention in a world in which content and visuals are king and queen? And how to translate these in your rebranding campaign? Let’s have a look at a textbook example of a company that knows how to handle its visual rebranding – the…

Tip Top PR Wishes You a Happy Halloween

By Debra Dejong / November 1, 2018