Netflix Is Outperforming YouTube

By Debra Dejong / October 16, 2018

According to the recent study “2018 Global Internet Phenomena Report” by the American-Canadian company Sandvine, Netflix was able to overtake YouTube in downstream data worldwide despite providing paid vs free content. The snapshot below (which was taken from the report) shows that Netflix holds the top spot in the Americas. In EMEA, YouTube is still number one, with Netflix in second place. In APAC, Netflix ranks third, after Facebook. Furthermore, Netflix is also number 1 in global downstream traffic with…

The Three Key Elements to Build Brand Love

By Debra Dejong / October 6, 2018

Just think of the long lines of fans waiting until they could get the latest iPhoneor Harry Potter novel they crave. It tells you that consumers do a lot (and fork out a lot of money) to get the brand article they want. It’s what marketers call “brand love”. Every company wants to have a brand that customers not only like, but also love. In marketing terms, brand love is based on three pillars, which are: relevance, trust and identification. …