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By Debra Dejong / May 19, 2018

Looking for Influencers in the DACH Countries? Here Is Some Helpful Information

By Debra Dejong / May 10, 2018

Influencer marketing has taken off in recent years. It is still a semi-professional, small-scale market with growing pains. This complicates matters for both veteran and newbie marketers, especially when it comes the Europe’s affluent DACH region. Reaching out to German-speaking customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is tough anyway, and the dipping into the influencer pool complicates marketing matters even more. Any company that is looking to boost its brand in the DACH countries will quite likely take a serious…

Vero, the next Instagram? Unlikely, but time will tell

By Debra Dejong / May 5, 2018

Maybe you have heard about Vero, the platform that is being lauded as the ‘new Instagram’. Launched in 2015, it shot to fame with a growth spurt of 500,000 users who joined within 24 hours. These new users were mainly influencers in the tattoo and cosplay communities, so not exactly mainstream. So what makes Vero different from other social media platforms? In a nutshell, Vero has three USPs:1. It doesn’t allow ads on its platform2. It doesn’t collect user data3.…