The Latest Trends in Blogging

By Dan Lavie / October 30, 2017

Orbit Media conduct annual research about blogging. Every year, they interview 1,000 bloggers about their blogging habits. The answers indicate the current status, content, marketing and trends regarding blogging. Like all marketing tools, blogs have been evolving. Following is an overview of the latest blog trends. Bloggers invest more time in writing their blogs. In 2014, it took a blogger up to 2.5 hours to write a blog post. Nowadays, bloggers invest more than 3.25 hours to write it. Blogging…

How Hagelswag Used Clever Marketing Tricks to Get Funding

By Dan Lavie / October 10, 2017

It started with two young entrepreneurs (Lennart de Jong and Robbert Vos) who decided to introduce an artisan form of the Dutch favorite bread topping “hagelslag” to the world. In contrast to North America, where chocolate sprinkles are primarily reserved for ice-cream and cakes, Dutch people of all ages put chocolate sprinkles on their buttered bread at breakfast. The annual consumption of hagelslag in the Netherlands is estimated at 14 million kilos a year.  With their advertising background, the dynamic…