Let Your Content Talk

By Dan Lavie / November 29, 2015

Without any doubt – content is king. To get your message across, your content needs to be focused on the target audience. To find out what your customers want, you need to map the customer journey. Once you know why, how and when your target audience makes decisions, you can develop the content that appeals to them. This is crucial for branding, the cornerstone of your business success. Customers choose you over your competitors based on brand confidence (they know…

Why The City of London is Embracing Dutch Startup Magnet.Me

By Dan Lavie / November 3, 2015

You might not have heard of the Dutch startup Magnet.me, but it’s a company to watch. Rotterdam-based Magnet.me is a fast-growing platform that enables students to connect with large enterprises. It is currently entering the UK market. The City of London is welcoming the Dutch startup with open arms. Not without reason – the company was able to garner sixty so-called ‘launching customers’, including Unilever, PwC and Royal Bank of Canada. Each one pays up to £ 3500 annually to…