Security Tips from Tip Top PR

By Dan Lavie / October 21, 2015

Security threats are rampant and your computer, tablet, and smartphone could be under attack by cybercrooks. To help you out, the following short list of tips how to protect your data. On the bright side, if you have an anti-virus installed, you are well-protected from virus infections, so no worries there. However, knowing this, cybercrooks are finding new ways to steal your information for their financial benefit. Following are some tips that you might want to pay attention to. WhatsAppSorry…

In Case You Ever Wondered – A Tablet Is a Computer, Not a Communication Device

By Dan Lavie / October 15, 2015

You might scratch you head why this variation of “to be or not to be, that’s the question” is relevant. As it turns out, it’s extremely important as the following story will show you. Way back in 2010, the Dutch branch of RTL wanted to do something nice for its 664 employees and gave each one of them a brand-new iPad as a Christmas present. As the saying goes: “no good deed goes unpunished” and RTL was hit with a…