Where to Share Your Digital Content – Courtesy of Kent State University

By Dan Lavie / June 28, 2015

Kent State University has published an interesting infographic with the best time ans places to share your digital content. It gives a nice breakdown for posting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Interesting enough, they left out LinkedIn and Instagram.

The Shifting Tides of Tidal

By Dan Lavie / June 17, 2015

Only recently did a posse of moguls in the music industry gathered to support Jay Z’s brainchild – a streaming music service branded as Tidal. Launched with a lot of tam-tam, it just did not connect with its target audience. Just look at the statistics: Tidal is currently at the 50th most popular music app in the iTunes store and sliding. It did not even crack the top 700! Despite its most impressive press gathering ever, it was not able…

Clever Marketing Campaign to Empower Afghani Girls

By Dan Lavie / June 10, 2015

Way back in 2006, Australian skateboarder Oliver Percovich sparked a commotion in the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan that ultimately resulting a unique marketing campaign. His board and four wheels attracted the attention of the Afghani kids who had never seen a skateboard before in their lives. Interesting enough, especially Afghani girls were very much interested. Percovich found a perfect spot for skateboarding during the weekend, namely Mekroyan Fountain, which is an abandoned, Russian-era concrete relic located in the heart of…

Usability – The Secret Sauce of Having A Great Website

By Dan Lavie / June 6, 2015

Many enterprises overlook a basic given – usability. Visitors should be able to understand at one glance what the enterprise is all about. Many corporations assume that they are well known enough, so they don’t need to explain on their website what they are about. Huge mistake! As a CEO once told me a long time ago: “Never assume!” 1. FIFA Lat’s visit the website of FIFA: http://www.fifa.comYou will notice that it does not explain what FIFA stands for (Fédération…