Be Careful What Your Google Search For – Google Offensive Map Results

By Dan Lavie / May 28, 2015

Google maps have the habit of returning some offensive results. The racial slur search “N***** in the House” showed the White House as a result. The reason? Google’s algorithms. According to Jen Fitzpatrick, a Google engineering executive, the offensive terms were leading to “unexpected maps results” because people have used these phrases online when talking about public places and businesses. Google’s search engine then linked those terms to the discussed locations in its Maps search results. Google apologized and said…

How Wrong Translations Can Harm Your Brand – the LiLo Story

By Dan Lavie / May 10, 2015

Lindsay Lohan aka LiLo is constantly trying to boost her personal brand; not without reason. Her latest effort however completely backfired. Trying to be profound and inspirational, she posted some “inspirational quotes” in Arabic along with the caption in English. (Without consulting a native speaker; a mistake that many companies make as well!) The result? Logan’s well-intended quote “You’re beautiful” translated into “You’re a donkey.”More the pity since LiLo obviously leveraged on the Arab proverb that refers to  a donkey. Her Instagram…

A Dutch Notary’s Brilliant Marketing Stunt – Think Sausage

By Dan Lavie / May 1, 2015

Dutch discount retailer HEMA has suffered from slack sales for some time. retailer HEMA has been facing slack sales for some time. That’ why the retailer, famous for its smoked sausage, decided to branch out. It started its own notary services for rock-bottom prices – a fixed fee of Euro 125 per document. The average notary charges around Euro 200. The process is easy: the documents are available online. The client receives the concept of e.g., his/her last will via…