Five Great Applications for Drones

By Dan Lavie / February 16, 2015

Drones are on the rise, drones in the US but also in Europe. Drones are becoming cheaper, able to lift more weight and also get easier to control. It’s only a matter of time before the drone will become part of your daily life – one way or the other. 1. Sales Promotion The drone will become one of the tools in marketing & PR. Real estate agents can use it to show property for sale, and tourist agencies for…

Artist Gets The Upper Hand Against Fast-food Giant Chik-fil-A – With Kale

By Dan Lavie / February 1, 2015

Who knew that kale could trigger legal action? It all started way back in 2000. Bo Muller-Moore is an artist located in Montpelier, Vermont. One of his farmer friend (who grows the leafy vegetable aka as kale known for its nutritional value) asked him to make three T-shirts for his family for $10 each. He did and the “eat more kale” caught on. With approval of the farmer friend, Muller-Moore began putting it on clothing and bumper stickers. He has been using the phrase ever…