The Secret Sauce for Working from Home Successfully

By Dan Lavie / November 30, 2014

No matter if you are a freelancer or a remote worker – there are some steps you have to take to be productive! 1. Be Connected You need a computer (desktop and/or laptop) with a fast Internet connection. You also need a smartphone to be able to receive and sent text messages and to get alerts. Make sure you have a professional background when you are skyping. (Hint: a bookcase is always appropriate) 2. Create a Pleasant Environment Make sure…

New Dutch Brand ‘Peut’ Challenges the Iron Grip of the Ruling Oil Companies

By Dan Lavie / November 25, 2014

Fed up with the iron grip that the multinational oil companies hold on local petrol stations, Dutch petrol station owners joined forces and established “The Free Pump” (de vrije pomp). Peut is the brain child of The Free Pump, the Rotterdam-based cooperative that declared war on Shell, Esso en BP. Peut is an Dutch slang for petrol, so it’s a great brand name. The logo however resembles the Pinterest one with an additional petrol drop. That might get them into…

How Paper Magazine Used Kim Kardashian and Social Media To Promote Its Printed Issue

By Dan Lavie / November 15, 2014

Paper Magazine used a clever strategy to promote its printed magazine – social media! Founded and launched in 1984, Paper magazine is a New York City-based independent magazine focusing on fashion, pop-culture, nightlife, music, art and film. Its readership is around 155,000 with 70% of its readers located in New York and Los Angeles. The Paper Magazine’s website has around 500,000 unique visitors per month. To attract more readers, it came up with a clever strategy – use archenemy the…