How Israel Successfully Managed Its Water Crises

By Dan Lavie / October 30, 2014

Israel, like California, has suffered droughts and water shortage. But the country was able to turn its chronically lack of potable water into a surplus. How? One factor is education of water consumers. Many Israelis have a bucket collecting water when their solar panels on the roof are busy heating their shower water. This “shower to flower” lowers their monthly water bill. Secondly, plants and flowers are important. That’s why Israel is a trailblazer when it comes to in-drip irrigation…

About Fair Use of Text, Images and Photos for Websites and Blogs

By Dan Lavie / October 23, 2014

As a web designer, blogger, content writer, journalist, teacher or comedian, you want to use stunning images, photos, quotes or statements that were created by others. When is it legal to use such content without asking permission or payment? That is decided by “fair use”. In legal terms: “Fair use was created to allow use of copyright (sic) material for socially valuable purposes such as commentary, parody, news reporting, education and the like, without permission of the copyright holder.” In…

Facebook Mood Manipulation Study – Cornell Was Not Amused

By Dan Lavie / October 12, 2014

Facebook conducted a controversial study that manipulated users’ news feeds. Facebook did not only got negative reactions from its users, it also got on the wrong side of Cornell University. Cornell University’s ethics board made clear that it did not pre-approve the study. Hence, Facebook should not have had “implied” user permission to conduct the study as researchers previously claimed. To recap: researchers at Facebook tweaked what hundreds of thousands of users saw in their news feeds. They manipulated content…