Philips Delares War on Product Piracy

By Dan Lavie / April 22, 2014

Philips wants to protect users against counterfeit lighting products. The company developed an easy way for users to check if a Xenon product is the real deal. Each Philips Xenon package features an authenticity seal (Certificate of Authenticity or COA). It’s an effective way to protect the brand and customers against piracy. Furthermore, each product package also features a QR Code. Once this code it scanned by a smartphone, it displays a security code which grants access to The…

Tip Top PR Wishes You A Happy Passover

By Dan Lavie / April 14, 2014

Microsoft Promises Dutch Government to Keep Their XP Computers Safe – Really?!

By Dan Lavie / April 5, 2014

As we all know – from April 8, 2014 on Microsoft will stop supporting its Windows XP. In an unexpected move, Microsoft will go on maintaining and securing the Dutch Government’s computers running on Windows XP. The Dutch government struck the deal with the software giant. Dutch Minister Mr. Stef Blok (Housing and Central Government) officially announced the agreement. It is unclear how much the Dutch government has to fork out for this “privilege”. Mr. Blok stated that the amount…

ScotPlanet Launches Problem Solver to Help Individuals and Business Users to Migrate Their Computers Away From XP

By Dan Lavie / April 2, 2014

ScotPlanet enables private and business computers and laptops running on XP to migrate to another OS in order to keep their systems, programs, applications and data secure   ScotPlanet, a provider of IT services, announced today the launch of its XP Problem Solver service. This service is aimed at small and medium-sized companies (SME/SMB) that have one or more computers running on Windows XP, one of Microsoft’s operating systems (OS). Starting April 8, 2014 Microsoft® will stop supporting Windows XP.…