Could YotaPhone, Russia’s First Smartphone, Become a Major Player?

By Dan Lavie / February 22, 2014

The YotaPhone, developed by privately-owned Russian tech startup Yota Devices, is quite unique – it is a dual-screen device using an Android operating system. It features a traditional LCD-color display on one side and an electronic-paper display similar to the Amazon Kindle on the other. Its 4.3-inch 1280 HD display is slightly larger than the iPhone 5 and smaller than the 5-inch Galaxy S4. It will be sold for $675 in Europe and $600 in Russia, which is slightly cheaper…

Google’s French Faux Pas

By Dan Lavie / February 9, 2014

Google got on the wrong side of the French authorities. The Commissions Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) investigated Google’s privacy policy change from 2012. About two years ago, Google bundled all its services (Google+, Gmail, Blogger, YouTube etc.) into one. This also changed the privacy policies of the separate accounts that users managed separately. The CNIL came to the conclusion that Google’s new privacy policy didn’t give users enough control over their private information. Furthermore, the agency also…