Will Customers Soon Be Able To Pay Via Facebook?

By Dan Lavie / August 26, 2013

Social media giant Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is working hard on its own online payment model. The idea is to make it easier for Facebook users to purchase apps via mobile phones. Facebook is targeting users that have already made purchases on Facebook before. Their credit card details are therefore on file. These details are currently used when a FB-user wants to purchase credits and “gifts” for friends. Those users would soon be able to buy e.g., apps using just their Facebook…

How Mattel Got It Right With Goth Barbie

By Dan Lavie / August 7, 2013

Lucky Mattel – its Goth Barbie is a bestseller. The company launched the doll in 2010 as part of its “Monster High” collection. Three years later, Goth Barbie counterbalanced the slumping sales of it pink counterpart; Mattel enjoyed a sales increase of 56 percent. At the time the collection hit the market, the Gothic Barbie dolls were received with cynicism. As toy analyst Gerrick Johnson phrased it: “I didn’t think it would work. Why does Barbie work? Barbie works because…