Saudi Arabia’s Brave Advertisement

By Dan Lavie / May 20, 2013

It is not often that an advertisement from a Middle Eastern country creates a media buzz. But a daring advertisement in the local media changed that. A full-page newspaper ad showed a burqa-clad woman with a clearly visible black eye. At the bottom of the ad was a slogan in Arabic that reads in English: “Some things can’t be covered“, followed by a list of phone numbers for local domestic abuse shelters. Needless to say, newspaper readers were shocked by…

Shevuot Sameach

By Dan Lavie / May 14, 2013

An Original Canadian Approach to Marketing Used Books – the Biblio-mat

By Dan Lavie / May 12, 2013

Old books are not considered valuable. Unless we are talking about an antique or rare book, an old book is basically what we lawyers call a “res nullius” (an object without material value). However, an old and disregarded book had value for a reader once upon a time – why else would it still exist? Destroying books is forbidden in some cultures, and especially burning books goes against the core of many people. Heinrich Heine warned that burning books leads…