SEC Accepts Social Media for Disclosing Material Information

By Dan Lavie / April 16, 2013

The SEC has officially announced that posting corporate information on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are equal to releasing information via a news release and on the corporate website. In general, the SEC stipulates that companies must make material information available to all investors simultaneously via SEC filing or press release. The SEC made the move following an investigation into the Facebook posting of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. He bragged that his company’s monthly viewing had exceeded…

Target’s Manatee Marketing Lesson

By Dan Lavie / April 12, 2013

When Susan Clemons was searching, she found a grey, plus-sized dress. The grey color was described as “Manatee Grey.” A manatee is a big, rather large and shapeless sea animal also known as a sea cow. Ms. Clemons took offense and tweeted Target “What the Plus sized women get “Manatee Grey” while standard sizes are “Dark Heather Grey.” @Target #notbuyingit Target promptly issued an apology and tweeted that it was looking into fixing the misunderstanding. Target employees posted on…

Macy’s Costly Typo – Why Proper Copywriting and Editing is Important

By Dan Lavie / April 5, 2013

Macy’s mailed a promotion to its U.S. customers in which it offered a necklace listed at $1,500 necklace for $47 under the heading “Super Buy!” However, according to Macy’s “The item had the wrong price for $47. The correct price is $479 dollars and because of that it’s a pricing error.” Although Macy’s apologized for the error, no explanation was give why it happened.  Macy’s spokesperson Beth Charlton stated “When the mistake was caught, signage did go up in the fine…