Using animal symbols in marketing – not the cat’s meow!

By Dan Lavie / September 28, 2011

Using animals in marketing can be tricky. We all know strong brands that use animals: Puma, Jaguar and ING bank to name a few. But an animal may have different (and negative) connotations in export countries and other cultures. In some countries, animals are considered to be a low life form. Using animals to promote eyeglasses is cute in the Western world, but a no-no in Thailand. (See also David A. Ricks “Blunders in International Business“) Based on Greek mythology,…

Jonathan Stark’s Starbucks coffee card – a clever marketing trick from an app developer?

By Dan Lavie / September 12, 2011

Mobile application developer Jonathan Stark (a mobile app consultant from Providence, Rhode Island) made his Starbucks card available for anyone by offering his Starbucks Mobile app on the Web for others to use. His message read:“Need a caffeine boost? Use Jonathan’s card. Want to buy a cup of joe for a pal? Or, more likely, someone you’ve never met? Use Jonathan’s card.” Stark posted an image of the electronic card, inviting anyone to copy it to their own phones. “Jonathan’s…