Guideline for Conducting Your Own Marketing Audit

By Dan Lavie / July 25, 2011

You put a lot of effort in your marketing, so you want to know how you are doing. A marketing audit will show how you are performing. Following is a guideline on how to conduct a marketing audit. 1. List all the social marketing media you use: Website Blog Forum LinkedIn (corporate page, own group) Xing (corporate page, own group) Facebook (corporate page, groups) Twitter Newsletter Webinar White papers Articles 2. List your target audience for each one: Customers/clients Potential…

Perfetti Van Melle Uses a Perfect Mix of Social and Traditional Media Marketing

By Dan Lavie / July 1, 2011

For its US product launch of Mentos UP2 stick gum, Perfetti Van Melle started its advertising campaign on social media. Mentos UP2 has already has a Facebook fan page, at The first 1,000 visitors who clicked on the “like” button got free gum. Up till now, already more 96,000 people “like”. In July, the company plans to post an invitation to on the fan page. People who “like” will be asked to provide the name of friends so they…