Disney launches its user-generated (UGC) marketing campaign

By Dan Lavie / September 25, 2010

Disney (DIS) is leveraging user-generated content for its marketing. The new Disney Parks’campaign will use visitors’ own home videos and snap shots. Disney dubbed its new marketing campaign “Let the Memories Begin“. It works as follows. Consumers can post their content (photos, videos) on the website Disneyparks.com/memories or via the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Facebook pages. This content is used (with permission of its creators) for a TV spot dubbed “Hugs” that premiered on the Today Show and will…

New social networks for enterprises: move over Yammer, Podio is coming!

By Dan Lavie / September 4, 2010

A friend of mine in the Netherlands told me about Yammer, a new social network for enterprises. She was checking it out for her organization (Visio). For several companies I worked and freelanced for, I have been looking for a secure “in-company” platform. It seems that I finally found some. Yammer is sort of a hybrid version of Facebook and Twitter that helps members of an organization to let their workers interact and collaborate. It works according to the freemium-model:…