The innovative marketing strategy of a small law firm

By Dan Lavie / December 22, 2009

One of the best innovative marketing strategies I recently came across, is the brainchild of the Cueto Law Group. This Miami, Florida-based law firm allows its clients to pay up to 20 percent of their legal fees with carbon credits. (Click here for the press release) Carbon credit trade work as follows: a fixed, high penalty rate is applied to emissions that exceed a set target and firms are free to buy qualifying credits on the open market to bring…

Article Marketing

By Dan Lavie / December 20, 2009

One of the best ways to promote a company is with opinion articles. Many magazines (online and print) welcome well-written articles. These articles should not be biased though – nobody wants to read a (blatant) sales pitch. As marketing professions will tell you – educating your target audience/potential customers is an effective marketing strategy. Before starting to write, identify the target audience. Who are the readers of the magazine you want to send the article to? What are their interests?…

Google’s real-time search – a search engine marketing dream come true?

By Dan Lavie / December 9, 2009

Google announced the rollout of its new real-time search function. Search results will incorporate real-time content from Twitter feeds, blog posts, online news content, Facebook status updates, and content from MySpace , FriendFeed, and Jaiku. According to Google, the latest results and the search options are also designed for iPhone and Android devices for info-on-the-go. With this move, Google also tries to stay ahead of its main competitor – Microsoft’s Bing that already has a real-time search function. With its…