PETA’s rebranding of fish – will its Sea Kitten marketing campaign work?

By Dan Lavie / October 29, 2008

PETA is known for its often provocative and controversial campaigns, such as comparing factory farming to the Holocaust. In its latest campaign, it tries to convince the public that fish are capable of showing physical affection, of feeling pain and of grieving when their companions die. They are in PETA’s opinion not different from pets such as dogs and cats.Since fish are not furry and cuddly, PETA tries to change the public image of fish from slithery and slimy to…

Marketing during economic turbulence

By Dan Lavie / October 14, 2008

In times of an economic recession (and especially during a depression) marketing is the business area that is normally hit hard. When companies want to cut cost or downsize, it’s to the marketing budget, expenses and department they look first.However, this is a strategic mistake. To adapt to the new economic reality, companies need their marketing professionals to analyze their current market position and to find out what their best strategy to survive will be. Marketing is uniquely positioned to…