The rebranding of President Bling-Bling aka N. Sarkozy

By Dan Lavie / March 19, 2008

Nicolas Sarkozy was elected based on the conception that he was different from his predecessors. During his campaign, he built his brand as the simple guy (an immigrant’s son without a patrician elite education) who would change things around (an overhaul of the welfare state which he sees as financially unsustainable, unfair and discourages work).But on Sunday, March 16, the French voters sent a clear message that they were not impressed with M. le President. Sarkozy’s UMP party lost local-government…

Eliot Spitzer’s tarnished brand – can he remarket himself?

By Dan Lavie / March 13, 2008

The Eliot Spitzer scandal will keep on mesmerizing us for some time to come.For marketing and PR professionals, the big question is if and how Spitzer will reposition himself.Over the years, he has been building his own brand as Mr. Clean and the Sheriff of Wall Street.During his tenure as state attorney general he took on the insurance, mutual fund and securities industries, including a high profile and still unresolved case against former NYSE boss Dick Grasso.He was even pegged…