A whole bunch of Crocs

By Dan Lavie / September 29, 2007

Crocs are clog-like footwear, made of a proprietary plastic resin called Croslite.Currently, Crocs are sold in 27,000 stores in 80 countries and counting.Croslite is a lightweight, water-proof resin material which softened with body heat.This forms a shoe to the shape of the foot, making it very comfortable.A Canadian company saw the possibilities for spas, and developed a clog which also hadholes for air and drainage.Scott Seamans and Duke Hanson came across the footwear during a sailing trip from Islas Mujeres,…

Is Aquafina heading for a watery grave?

By Dan Lavie / September 18, 2007

Bottled water consumption is increasing both in the US and in Europe. Whenever there is a growing market, there is aggressive marketing. Clever marketing campaigns have created consumer perceptions that bottled waters are purer or healthier than tap water. What is inside the water bottle often remains a mystery to the consumer – not in the least due to lack of a defined standard for bottle labeling. It gives water producers creative freedom in their product positioning. Take Aquafina, the…