Cause Marketing – the Diesel way

By Dan Lavie / February 21, 2007

Cause Marketing has become popular.It’s aimed at consumers that want to “do something good” with their purchase. Needless to say, it should not infringe on their lifestyle.Cause marketing campaigns peddle products while contributing to a worthy cause.An example is the Red Motorazr cellphone of Sprint.Motorola and Sprint contribute part of the revenues of each phone purchased to Bono’s Project (RED) to fight AIDS and other diseases in Africa.Apple quickly followed with its red iPod Nano, retailing at $199 in the…

Tween marketing – a dream or nightmare?

By Dan Lavie / February 15, 2007

Tweens are (mainly) girls in the age group six to twelve.They want to look older and hotter, like their idols Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie.Where did this market niche come from?As with the teenage concept in the 20th century; smart marketers identified the gap in the marketplace between the girl who is still a child under the age of about nine, and a real teenager of 13 or 14 who has reached puberty.These girls are getting older younger – hence…