Reality shows – a marketer’s dream of product placements

By Dan Lavie / January 24, 2007

Any movie or TV program you watch nowadays has product placement. Some are subtle, some are blatant.Why is it such a winning concept? According Nielsen Media Research, it’s a wonderful tool for brand recognition.When combined with a commercial, brand recognition can go up by 20%.The reason is clear. The alternative is advertising during the commercial breaks. Problem: a reported 90% of people that record the show skip or fast forward the commercials. When watching live, only 16% doesn’t do something…

How Target’s Che became a target

By Dan Lavie / January 11, 2007

The image of Che Guavara, sporting a beret with a single star on it, has been popular since his execution in 1967 in Bolivia, where he tried to mastermind a communist uprising.The photo was taken by Alberto Diaz (aka “Korda”) and became iconic.Since Guavara’s death, his portrait was put on everything from posters and T-shirts to schoolbags.Che became a symbol of idealistic revolt for many, including students taking part in the 1968 Paris uprising in 1968 and Palestinians launching terrorist…