Rock around the block

By Dan Lavie / September 30, 2006

On 9/17, the Hard Rock Cafe launched its latest outlet at Times Square, NYC no less. The Hard Rock chain was highly successful until 2000, with a highly recognizable brand and over-the-top grand openings and special events.After 2000, the group followed an aggressive growth strategy, leading to opening Hard Rock outlets in areas that weren’t appropriate.Needless to say, not only the bottom line, but also media exposure suffered.As a result, the company decided to close down several smaller locations and…

To blog or not to blog – that’s the question

By Dan Lavie / September 26, 2006

Blogs (weblogs) are more popular than ever.Apart from supplying a plat form for personal opinions or promoting a cause, bloggers have also voiced their opinions about the companies they work for, office politics and products and services.As a result, some bloggers have been fired from their jobs for what they thought were innocuous posts.Blogs show up in search engines – sometimes a blog has a higher ranking than the company that is discusses.News is often posted on blogs with comments, which…